The flow of music keeps you guessing, “what will Dave play next?”

DAVE PLAYS ANYTHING because Dave’s in charge. Dave has a huge music library, playing songs from the 70’s through today. Dave has Pop, Rock, Dance and R&B, plus long lost classics you haven’t

heard in decades.


What does DAVE play? ANYTHING. EVERYTHING. DAVE's library features songs from the 60's to today-male artists, female artists, record-smashing groups, one-hit wonders, and everyone in between. You might hear a song you danced to at prom all those years ago. From A-Z, Adele to Zeppelin, DAVE plays anything. 


"Gosh, I love hearing the same thing over and over,” 

- no DAVE listener ever. DAVE is the choice for people who like all kinds of music. Turn DAVE on at work or in your car, and anyone within earshot will be happy! DAVE is great for people who want to jam out, sing to their steering wheel, or just have a great soundtrack to get them through their day. 


 DAVE plays music. Any kind of music. All kinds of music. Every kind of music. “The Voice of DAVE” highlights business with “Where's DAVE”. The chatter between songs is crisp and clean, and provides smooth transitions from one tune to the next. You may go days without hearing the same song twice, and you'll find yourself saying, "I LOVE DAVE” more often than you'll care to admit... who are we kidding? You'll shout it from the roof tops! 


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Hi, I'm Dave.

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